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Water purifier manufacturers tell you how to choose Agent

Water purifier manufacturers tell you how to choose Agent

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    Today and to share it, how to take a good first step towards success - choose water purifier manufacturers.

Women are afraid to marry the wrong husband, afraid of the wrong man, fear not find the right dealer manufacturers, because once on the wrong boat, failure may be lurking in everyone early side.

Dealers usually "shop around", will choose several manufacturers as an alternative target, but, after several rounds of exchanges, but make their own loss, the manufacturers do not know which to believe, do not know who you're working, and less know which manufacturers for himself.

About the "fit" concept this qualitative analysis we have to take, this is actually a mutual "pro" concept, the manufacturers should benefit, but also good for the dealer, as far as possible on the distribution of profits and their own resources match, after all, who do not want to lose ah.

Today to talk about is how to choose the dealer purifier manufacturers, therefore, we must first analyze the dealer for himself, in order better to butt manufacturers.

Dealers can be divided into two classes, the strong type distributor (strength, experience) and common type distributor (strength in general, do not have much experience), the strong type are a veteran, you do not have to say, we focus on talking about today talk about how to choose the general type distributors manufacturers, distributors for such friends, placed in front of their own choice is great, be sure to keep their eyes open.


1. The water purifier sales to pay attention to reputation

     Purifier industry is still in the lead-in period, the needs of consumers reputation, word of mouth needs to boost sales of the "snowball", water purifier dealers are generally in the local business, many dealers are the first customers their relatives, friends (and health care is not the same in different places to do business, make money on the closing run away), so word of mouth is very important, how can not be overstated.

Bad reputation will affect the current business, a good reputation will bring a steady stream of business.

How to have a good reputation? Able to create a good reputation for three important conditions:

1, the product features excellent. Use a water filter and do not use to have a clear point of difference, such as taste effectiveness and ease of use.

2, superior product quality. Product safety and smart to have a simple, small negative or risk technologies such as watertight, no water, no electricity costs, water quality constant smell (microbes increase).

3, pay attention to marketing it. In line with the principle of seeking truth from facts, reduce excessive promises, hope bigger disappointment, such as filter maintenance cycle must let consumers know what, you say say, hear their in him.

Know why this industry will select the "drinking water" concept as a breakthrough it? Because the concept is really good, can really become a stark contrast with the water, does give consumers shock!

Unfortunately, such a good concept, not only failed to start in this industry, but bring a lot of negative impact.

Because most of our water purifier before all propaganda long life (because the price is high, so that you can be relatively cheap), this way, the problem of microbial growth, increased nitrite problems, inevitably, had these problem by regularly changing filter can control, but, we have to question their own existence, chose a seemingly clever approach is not how clever, quick success, overdraft blood, exaggerated filter replacement time, an exaggerated marketing, quality Nature can not guarantee (smelly water purifier), quality can not be guaranteed, the outcome will be?

According to the law of Communication Studies, a use of the product dissatisfied consumers will tell at least four people around to see if we have a lot of distressed people in the industry now, but, they can not blame the consumer.


2. The manufacturer's reputation comes from the long-term strategic goals of cooperation

     Select the manufacturer, when nothing more is to see, the agent of the manufacturer of the product, whether the common long-term cooperation, sustained profitability. Ensure long-term cooperation is the manufacturer of R & D capabilities and service capabilities, which is the ability to ensure compliance with China's national conditions.

     Why can always Xin products by Chinese consumers favor and attention? The reason is that the total Xin strong research and development and technology to create many different differentiated and intelligent products to meet domestic consumers save water, and peace of mind, power, money, peace of mind and confidence needs. If you are a professional who understand the water industry, the heart also see here is what we know about the advantages of attracting consumers. Simply put, it is three points: 1, intelligent. 2, no electricity (self-powered). 3, micro water (waste water according to need a reasonable adjustment ratio). Of course, the total Xin also constantly developing more new products to meet domestic consumers more confidence and peace of mind to drink water.

     Select the manufacturer, when the plant is to see whether the products to the needs of domestic consumers and dominated. Although the post-service dealers are also important, but only if the manufacturer does not correct product positioning and market development, market development and protection of dealers will be difficult late, after all the competition in the water industry is intense stage, not to relax their vigilance. Select more than effort, more of a choice and more of a chance.

     If you intentionally want a better understanding of the total water Xin machinery manufacturers are welcome to visit. Our company is a professional manufacturer of reverse osmosis water or household water manufacturers, water purifier manufacturers, reasonable prices, quality assurance, if demand, please call 0512-57673568!


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