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Buy pure water, it is important first of all, is to understand the pure water production machine, water machine general sales staff rarely clear water production and meaning to tell customers, most simply say how much gallon. In fact, pure water production unit does not refer to a leading traffic because there faucet flow is stored by the pressure of the water bucket and then flow out through the faucet, so the actual capacity of the flow of water is not pure water machine. Water Purifier is the actual capacity of water refers to water RO membrane system (usually in units of GPD, namely gallons per day), in order to visually see the flow of pure water, is to put pressure on the barrel of the switch is closed, then open the faucet, see the real flow is pure water, which is rarely pure machine sales to customers rarely explained. After buying customers in pure water, only to find that the water is not enough, so choose a suitable home water purifier flow which is very important.
Water production with the use of pure water gallons (English abbreviation GPD) is represented as 80G of pure water, he means that pure water a day for 80 gallons of water production, water production is 12 liters per hour, quite (a gallon is approximately equal to 3.75 liters). 12 liters of water per hour of pure water system, a 3-6 opening people's drinking, cooking, drinking water is entirely adequate.
So we must learn to buy pure water pure water capacity of water, one to choose their own home, and the second is the size of the water system is also reflected in the price of relatively pure water machine.

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